Allergy Conditions

What is an Allergy?

What Are Allergies & Asthma?
An allergy is an unusual sensitivity to a substance – or substances – that are otherwise considered harmless. Allergies are triggered by many different types of allergens that allergy sufferers may come in contact with on a daily basis; whether by handling or eating food, wearing certain clothing, from contact with cleaning solutions, or just from the surrounding environment.  Asthma is a disease that leads to swelling and inflammation in the lining of the lungs, which can cause difficulty breathing upon physical exertion, with infections or with exposure to environmental triggers. More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies and asthma. Allergy | Asthma | Allergies - Center 4 Asthma Allergy

Dr. Atul Shah at the Center for Asthma & Allergy has made it his life’s work to help alleviate the suffering and complications that asthma and allergies can cause people every day.  He knows that treatment plans need to be tailored to each individual, in accordance with the person’s lifestyle, symptoms, and unique allergies.  If you suffer from a food allergy, asthma, a skin allergy – even aggressive hay fever – Dr. Shah and his team will work with you to design a course of treatment to help you get the relief you need.

We can help address each of the following allergy conditions:

Allergic Eye Disease                   Food Allergy

Allergic Rhinitis/Hay Disease      Frequent Infections

Anaphylaxis                                 Insect Allergy


                                Latex Allergy


Asthma                                        Pet Allergy


Contact Dermatitis                      Poison Ivy

Drug Allergy                                Sinusitis


Eczema                                       Urticaria


When you’re looking for relief from the symptoms of an allergy or from asthma, come see Dr. Shah at The Center for Asthma & Allergy in Shirley, Long Island, New York. We have proudly served Suffolk County, as well as patients from across the country and around the world for over a decade.  Please contact Dr. Shah’s office at (631) 395-5464 for a consultation to discuss all of your symptoms with Long Island’s premier allergy & asthma specialist.






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