Food OIT

New York’s FIRST Food OIT Practice.

Today, it is widely acknowledged that food allergies are a significant and growing health problem in the USA. Over the past 10-15 years, research has provided compelling evidence on the impact of food allergies in the United States. 15 million Americans, including 1 in 13 children, have a food allergy, and nearly 40 percent of these children have already experienced a severe or life-threatening reaction. Studies have also revealed the economic burden and the damaging effect of food allergies on a family’s quality of life.

However, there is good news! Strict avoidance of problem foods is no longer the only way to prevent a reaction. Many promising new treatments are available. Among currently available treatment options, Oral Immunotherapy (OIT), is shown to result in desensitization and tolerance.

Desensitization means that a person can consume a significant amount of a problem food without experiencing a reaction. In order to stay safe, people would have to continue eating these foods until tolerance is developed. The desensitization or tolerance can help large numbers of people with food allergies – protecting them against potentially fatal reactions – and is life-changing.

During OIT, the food is administered slowly, in small but steadily increasing doses, until the patient is desensitized to it. Early clinical trials have demonstrated 80-95% success rate, if done properly and administered in a controlled setting. We have a dedicated team, resources, and controlled settings to help families with food allergies who plan to join our growing number of OIT patients.

The number one goal is safety and to reduce the risk of anaphylaxis from accidental exposure. Many of the patients can eat foods that contain the allergenic food without thinking about it, upon completion of OIT.

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